Plastic (Poly) Bags
  Static Shielding Bags
  Anti-Static Bags
  Corrugated Boxes
  Corrugated Materials
  Foam Packaging Supplies
  Bubble Cushioning Supplies
  Pressure Sensitive Tapes
  Packaging Tapes & Supplies
  Strapping Supplies & Tools
  Fulfillment Services
NEM-PAK Products & Services (But not limited to):
>> Packaging materials
>> Shipping materials
>> Foam-in-place
>> Janitorial supplies
>> Protective cushioning sheets
>> Stretch film
>> Corrugated cartons
>> Strapping
>> Carton closure systems
>> Shipping room supplies
>> Cleaning supplies
>> Food service items
>> Shrink wrap systems & films
>> Anti-static materials
>> Fulfillment Services
>> Die cutting, Sheeting

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Welcome to NEM-PAK, LLC...
Your Specialist for Industrial and Commercial Packaging and shipping supplies.

NEM-PAK, LLC are Distributors for packaging and shipping supplies including but not limited to: boxes, bags, tapes, foam, foam-in-place, strapping, cushioning, cartons, staples, stretch, packing lists, industrial & shipping supplies and tools, janitorial, paper products, carton sealing, matting and janitorial supplies. We also specialize in machine shop and cutting tool supplies along with Industrial and MRO supplies.

At NEM-PAK we can solve any of your packaging needs. With our staff of fully trained individuals and high quality supervision we can help you get your products from point A to point B, efficiently, safely and on time. We hope that NEM-PAK can help you meet your packaging and shipping needs. To learn more about NEM-PAK call us at 215.785.6430 to speak to a NEM-PAK representative.

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We are packaging and fulfillment experts. At NEM-PAK our shipping rooms can meet the requirements of your products' packing, packaging and shipping needs. Our highly trained staff can bring an end to your shipping headaches and take full charge of the job.

Foam-in-place, At NEM-PAK we can custom design your foam-in-place packaging to meet your products needs. Need to know more about this service...can link to inside page with more info about Foam.

Janitorial Supplies from NEM-PAK. We can provide your company with janitorial and sanitary supplies from the finest manufacturers.

Food Service Products from NEM-PAK includes but not limited to: Styrofoam cups, paper drink cups, plates,bowls, plastic baking utensils, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, dispensers, tubs and squat cups, conical cups.

Cushioning Materials:
Bubble pak - poly
Wadding - foam
Single face corrugated
Shipping Tools & Equipment:
Tensioners & crimpers
Strapping carts
Utility knives
Razor blades
Utility knife blades
Electric gummed tape
Manual gummed tape
Manual staplers
Electric staplers
Pneumatic staplers
Shrink Wrap Systems:
NEM-PAK offers both manual and automated shrink wrap systems and films.
PVC films
Shrink & bundling poly
Shrink bags
Heat guns
Sealing wands
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