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NEM-PAK Products & Services (But not limited to):
>> Packaging materials
>> Shipping materials
>> Foam-in-place
>> Janitorial supplies
>> Protective cushioning sheets
>> Stretch film
>> Corrugated cartons
>> Strapping
>> Carton closure systems
>> Shipping room supplies
>> Cleaning supplies
>> Food service items
>> Shrink wrap systems & films
>> Anti-static materials
>> Fulfillment Services
>> Die cutting, Sheeting

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Fullfillment & Contract Packaging Services

NEM-PAK Fulfillment is a group capable of a wide variety of applications. The following is a sampling of the type of work we do and service we want to offer to you and your company.

Hand Inserting:
Due to size, shape or thickness of materials, these projects can not be done mechanically. Multiple matches (100%) are done. Inserting odd sized / shaped materials into previously (machine) inserted packets. Also, mailing tubes, iron cross mailers, etc.

Order Filling:
Pulling specified warehoused components to fill orders, i.e., Packets, (printed matter), Gifts (video; pens, mugs, T-shirts, Piggybanks, trees, etc.) Kits (combinations of various materials). This can be the same materials for every order or each order may be different.

Assemble binders (collate pages & tabs), Fugitive glue (affix an item to a card, letter, booklet, etc, for future undamaged removal. Hairline registration). Poster mounting.
Affix clip / pins to name badges. Insert pages into sheet protectors, cards, in card cases, CD’s, tapes and video into plastic cases with printed covers. Material (fish hooks, clothing, nuts & bolts, etc.,) into Zip Lock bags. You name it; we’re here for you!

Certified Mailings:
At times it is important that you know the addressee has rece4ived your mailing. We can handle the complete process for yo7u. We take your regular mailing, no matter if it’s being inserted by the mailshop or by hand. We address the envelopes, fill out the required green cards and affix all the Post Office paraphernalia. The returns can come back to you or we will rent a PO Box and collect the cards for you. When the green cards are returned to us, we can track the responses and supply you with a report and the results.

Folding (machine or hand), collating, cutting, hole punching, document binding (glue, staple, tape, etc.,) shrink wrapping mounting, and laminating.

Response & Distribution:
Receive responses or requests from magazines, previous mailings and other forms of advertising. Record request information and send specified materials. We can supply you with a report or data base of orders received, items shipped with each response. You tell us what you want to know. This information can be supplied on a weekly or monthly basis alone with a running inventory of material on hand.

We can store your inventory (at a reasonable rate) for on-going projects, supply you with inventory reports, usage records and projected needs bases on daily usage. These services will inform you when it is time to replenish your inventory and save you the penalty of running out of materials.

Packaging/ Wrapping:
We will send your materials in whatever manor4 your prefer. Cartons, self-mailers, jiffy (padded) bags, mailing tubes, tyvek envelopes, etc.  You may supply the packing materials or we will purchase them for you. We will hand wrap your packages if you desire. Anything from a generic brown wrapper to an elaborate gift wrap.
We use all methods of shipping for your mail or packages: Post Office, UPS, Fedex, Airborne or LTL’s with common carriers. We can research to find the most economical way to do your mailing or shipments. If you have a preference, let us know.

Custom Applications:
As you can see we will do mostly any type of work you can imagine. We are efficient, creative, neat and reliable.

Data Entry
List Conversion
Merge / Purge
Gender Analysis
City / Zip Correction
CASS Certification
File & List Management


Burst, Fold, Collate, Tab, etc.

Automated Inserting
Mechanically inserting up to 8 pieces
Regular, Stretch & Jumbo Inserters

Postage Affixing
On & Off line, Live Stamp & Meter

Mail Prep
Sorting, Banding & Bagging for Pre-sort Discounts
BMC / SCF / DDU Mailing
Mechanical & Hand Inserting
Postal Sorting
Mailing Service / BMC / SCF / DDU
Inventory & Postage Control
Fulfillment / Pick, Pack & Ship

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