Plastic (Poly) Bags
  Static Shielding Bags
  Anti-Static Bags
  Corrugated Boxes
  Corrugated Materials
  Foam Packaging Supplies
  Bubble Cushioning Supplies
  Pressure Sensitive Tapes
  Packaging Tapes & Supplies
  Strapping Supplies & Tools
  Fulfillment Services
NEM-PAK Products & Services (But not limited to):
>> Packaging materials
>> Shipping materials
>> Foam-in-place
>> Janitorial supplies
>> Protective cushioning sheets
>> Stretch film
>> Corrugated cartons
>> Strapping
>> Carton closure systems
>> Shipping room supplies
>> Cleaning supplies
>> Food service items
>> Shrink wrap systems & films
>> Anti-static materials
>> Fulfillment Services
>> Die cutting, Sheeting

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Mach Five Capital LLC Acquires Nem-Pak LLC

Mach Five Capital LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of Nem-Pak LLC. While the ownership has changed, this transaction should be transparent to Nem-Pak's valued customers and suppliers. Nem-Pak will continue business as usual with NO CHANGE to the key functions of the business. Click here for the full announcement PDF